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More than 300 years ago, the Italian Giovanni Maria Farina created a new perfume, which he called EAU DE COLOGNE. The first-ever use of bergamot and other citrus oils with pure alcohol enabled him to make this fresh scent. It marks the beginning of modern perfumery.

In the rococo period, EAU DE COLOGNE took the royal courts of Europe by storm. The emperor in Vienna, the kings of Prussia and the king of France loved it. The long list of famous customers also includes Napoleon and his family, Goethe, Queen Victoria and Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Farina made Cologne world-famous as a city of perfume, and thanks to its success Farina's scent gave its name to a whole category of perfumes. Today, the original EAU DE COLOGNE is still produced by the eighth generation of the family in Cologne. Farina is the oldest perfume house in the world. "Eau de Cologne" tells the story of how this family company has always kept up with the times since 1709 and has enriched the international world of pertumes.
Language: English
Andrea Dalmus, "Eau de Cologne Farina 1709", 160 pages, J. P. Bachem Editionen (Verlag)


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Andrea Dalmus, "Eau de Cologne Farina 1709", 160 pages, J. P. Bachem Editionen (Verlag)

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