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Tina Farina Diffuser - Spontan - Aries 100ml

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The composition of your perfume is fascination itself. It redefines the word feminine. From the hot dry groves of Calabria comes mandarine oil blended with a bouquet of beautiful Florentine spring flowers. It is a fragrance which is fresh and natural, perfectly in tune with your dynamic personality.

How to use it:

Remove the ring. Take off the flap. Put on the ring on the bottle again. Insert all rattan wooden staffs inside the bottle at the same time, like a bunch of flowers. The smell develops slowly. The rattan wooden staffs absorb the essential oils, while the alcohol evaporates.

- with 6 rattan sticks
- Duration of diffusion: about 1 month


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Tina Farina Diffuser - Spontan - Aries 100ml

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