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Tina Farina Diffuser - Creativity - Aquarius 100ml

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You wear your perfume with the assurance of a modern woman who is not afraid to show her passion. It is a fragrance which underlines your presence. Ingredients from many countries go together to produce this perfume which compliments your liveliness and vivacity. French orange blossoms, Italian violet petals and the essences of tropical fruits. Rose oils from Morocco and Brazil, mingled with a hint of exotic wood from Sri Lanka, Russia and the Caribbean.

How to use it:

Remove the ring. Take off the flap. Put on the ring on the bottle again. Insert all rattan wooden staffs inside the bottle at the same time, like a bunch of flowers. The smell develops slowly. The rattan wooden staffs absorb the essential oils, while the alcohol evaporates.

- with 6 rattan sticks
- Duration of diffusion: about 1 month


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Tina Farina Diffuser - Creativity - Aquarius 100ml

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