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Tina Farina Diffuser - Feeling - Pisces 100ml

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Your perfume sings of dreams and feelings which are your rulers. It is made from rare natural essences, such as the oil of ancient cedars from the high Atlas mountains and santal from Indonesia, blended with precious jasmine from Egypt, rose oil from Tunisia and the warm fragrance of oak moss gathered in the mountains of Dalmatia, producing a scent which deserves to be called exquisite.

How to use it:

Remove the ring. Take off the flap. Put on the ring on the bottle again. Insert all rattan wooden staffs inside the bottle at the same time, like a bunch of flowers. The smell develops slowly. The rattan wooden staffs absorb the essential oils, while the alcohol evaporates.

- with 6 rattan sticks
- Duration of diffusion: about 1 month


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Tina Farina Diffuser - Feeling - Pisces 100ml

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