NEZ + LMR The naturals notebook - Violet leaf

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A specialty of the Alpes-Maritimes region, the violet flower, with its delicate powdery scent, is the olfactory expression of the 19th century. But the leaf has also been used in perfumery since the beginning of the past century to enrich the perfumer’s palette. Today, the leaves are mainly produced in Egypt. After extraction, they yield an absolute with green, wet, earthy and leathery facets, which weaves in and out of formulas while remaining discreet. Discover the many faces of this modest plant by journeying through botany, history, gastronomy, agriculture and chemistry without overlooking, of course, perfume and perfumers.

Language: English
Nez éditions – Coll. Nez+LMR the naturals notebook – 96 pages 
Éléonore de Bonneval, Olivier R.P. David, Jeanne Doré, Anne-Sophie Hojlo, Jessica Mignot, Clara Muller, Delphine de Swardt.


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