NEZ - The Olfactory Magazine – 10 – Automn/Winter 2020

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From the nose to the mouth

How does taste work and what does it have in common with smell? How are food flavourings created? What about fragrances with foody notes? Can odours influence our eating habits?

This tenth issue examines the affinities between our nose and our mouth, perfumery and cuisine. Nez is an invitation to explore the world through our olfactory sensations, adopting a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses art, literature, photography, science, history, gastronomy and, of course, perfumery, providing its readers with a better understanding of the essential role the sense of smell plays in our lives.

Language: English
Pages: 160 pages


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NEZ - The Olfactory Magazine – 10 – Automn/Winter 2020

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