NEZ - The Big Book of Perfume

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For an Olfactory Culture

The team from Nez, the olfactory magazine invites you on a very special journey to explore perfume in all its facets, delving into the heart of a fascinating yet little-known world. This book lifts the curtain on the best kept secrets of perfumery, answering all your questions about the world of smell.

How does the sense of smell work?

How has perfumery developed over the centuries?

Where do perfume ingredients come from?

What does a perfumer do?

How is a fragrance created, developed, and produced?

How is mainstream perfumery shaped by marketing?

What is the role of independent perfumery?

What happens to a perfume after it is launched?

How do I educate my nose and become a knowledgeable perfume lover?

Language: English, 227 pages
Authors: Denyse Beaulieu, Béatrice Boisserie, Éléonore de Bonneval, Sarah Bouasse, Eugénie Briot, Yohan Cervi, Olivier R.P. David, Aurélie Dematons, Juliette Faliu, Hirac Gurden, Anne-Sophie Hojlo, Patrice Revillard, Delphine de Swardt & Alexis Toublanc


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NEZ - The Big Book of Perfume

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