Right of Rescission

Right of Return

1. The Customer has the right to return all goods received, without giving reasons, within two (2) weeks of receipt via stamped parcel. This period shall begin upon receipt of the goods ordered. All goods sent within this period shall be considered returned on time.

2. Shipping costs incurred by the Customer while returning goods for which no payment or deposit has yet been made shall not be reimbursed, regardless of the value of the goods.

3. The Customer is to provide reimbursement for any deterioration to returned goods resulting  from use as intended. The Customer is entitled to a careful inspection of goods delivered. However, should any use exceeding the bounds of this inspection lead to a loss of value and these goods no longer being in proper condition to be resold as “new“, the Customer is to reimburse us for said loss of value.

4. A successful return of goods results in restoration of all benefits rendered by both parties.